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Popular classical music arrangements are frequently used for figure skating programs. There are, however, very few arrangements that draw from classical music to New Age genre, a relatively new paradigm. This kind of music should most definitely attract single figure skaters as well as pair’s figure skaters. The tunes in digital album Classics Meet New Age may not be immediately recognizable. Add some intrigue to your music program!
All compositions were produced with masterful musical taste and with utmost respect of the classical composers and their work. Today’s American and European composers who work in New Age genre breathed a new life into these famous classical gems.

Classical Hits In New Age Is A New Trend In Figure Skating Music.

Rhythms and orchestrations completely changed these works in comparison with their originals. The well-known themes evoke unexpected sensations. Primarily because the organic sounds of traditional instruments from the symphony orchestra mix well with the sound of intense electronic keyboards and guitars. The electronic as well as powerful acoustic drums enhanced these orchestrations, sometimes with vocal parts, too.
This collection’s rare combination and blending of genres opens up a new creativity channel to coaches, choreographers and, of course, to the athletes.
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Album’s Info:
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2020
Copyright: © 2020 ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
$9.99 for entire album in high quality mp3 format
$0.99 for a single track