$8.99 for each track in the highest quality mp3 format, $189 for the album
This digital album is for gymnastics. Each of all 30 tracks of this album is ready to use in competitions as is, without any additional adjustments. Each track has the required “beep” in the beginning. The timing range of each track is from 1:25 to 1:29, as specified.

Gymnastics Music With Power, Speed, Artistry and Emotions

The main goal of this selection is to show the power, speed, artistry and emotion of gymnasts. These 30 tunes are for any music taste and any level of skill. This is a collection of many music genres – Classical, Swing, Latin, Hip- Hop, Rock, New Age, Soundtrack, Tango, Ethnic, Neo Classic – and more. Each track will be like a pleasant surprise for you, because it’s new music, brilliantly composed for ensembles, groups, bands, electronic instruments or orchestras. Some tracks have a voice part. It is performed without words and is used as an additional instrument.

Special Sound – Music for Gymnastics Arenas

Another goal of creation of this selection is excellence of sound. All music was recorded at the best studios in Europe and North and South Americas and underwent additional adjustments for large arenas.
These tracks are not sold in the Internet music stores or streaming services.
You can download full length of every track and try it out at your gym before purchasing.
Custom Music Creative Services For Gymnastics
If you need any custom music editing, arrangement or have any other music needs, please explore the Services page. Any idea can be successfully and timely created.

Please help us honor the copyrighted work of composers and performers. The audio protection will not interfere with your overall listening experience.

Album’s Info:
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2020
Copyright: © 2020 ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
$8.99 for a single track in high quality mp3 format
$189 for the album