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One of the newest music genres, Hip Hop, had a notable entrance into figure skating during the 2007-8 season with the memorable short program of Japanese skater Daisuke Takahashi. Alexander Goldstein wrote the original music composition, Hip Hawk, and Nikolai Morozov made the innovative choreography for this program. The composition draws from P. I. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake theme. You can find this music in the Ice Water Floor album, track 1 on this website.
Overcoming the cultural barrier to using this vibrant music was scary, but once the flood gates were opened, Hip Hop parts, combined with other music genres became the norm. This album’s unique music compositions were selected by A. Goldstein to showcase a wide range of developments this genre offers and crossovers to pop, rock, fusion and other genres that are popular now.

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Hip Hop’s stylized, rhythmic music brought the drums, percussions, deep sound of the base and variety of scratch effects front and center of the instruments’ mixing balance. So, this music demands precise, corresponding to music, rhythmic movements. Even a short insertion of Hip Hop into a program or routine, in balance with certain element(s), will increase the overall dynamic range of the music. The complete impression from the performance in which there is an evident connection between the athlete and the music also dramatically increases.
Majority of tracks are recorded at the studios on the East and West Coasts of the US, birthplace of Hip Hop genre.

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Release Date: 2021
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$9.99 for entire album in high quality mp3 format
$0.99 for a single track