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New Age music genre exists to create artistic inspiration and optimism and is one of the newest music genres.
Millennium athletes in artistic swimming and rhythm gymnastics very often select this genre. It could be used for short or free program in figure skating. Artistic swimmer likes this type of music for technical programs. Rhythmic and artistic gymnasts use New Age genre more and more for their routines and floor exercise.
The album NEW Music for New AGE is a selection of different styles of New Age compositions.
Music works of this album were performed by combo groups or large orchestras. There are several recordings with only acoustic instruments, for instance, track 4. But tracks 1, 6 and 8 represent compositions with predominantly electronic instruments and high quality samplers. You can also find tracks with a fair mixture of acoustics and electronic instruments, like tracks 2, 9 and 14.

Get Music Especially Selected for Ice Dancing, Figure Skating and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

The up-to-date sounds of these works were created at technologically advanced recording studios with leading sound engineers. received green light from music composers in Europe and the United States to include particular selections into this album. Those were produced with sport music rules and requirements in mind.
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This album has a lot of tracks with contrasting tempos and characters. So, the creation process of combining two or three music tracks together will be not so difficult. But we strongly recommend using our Custom Music Editing professional service or our other services.

The Most Trending Music Genre In Figure Skating And Ice Dancing is New Age

New Age music genre with its minimalist concepts, without pronounced accents, repetitive dynamics or textures, allows athletes more freedom of movement. Because this kind of composition requires less connection to the music than other genres and the athletes need to express mostly the overall mood in it.
New Age genre is now the most trending genre in sport music. So, join the trend!

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Album’s Info:
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2020
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$9.99 for entire album in high quality mp3 format
$0.99 for a single track