Nuclear Charge

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The Nuclear Charge Album is a unique collection of extremely powerful and intense music. During the process of music selection for this album we thought about the advanced and elite athletes of figure skating and artistic swimming fields. This kind of music will help athletes show their technical capabilities and express the highest strength of emotion and energetic movements.

Music of XXI Century

The art of composer’s music creation goes together with music recording development that practically revolutionized the recording process by now. Any composer’s fantasy of incorporating any sound can now be realized in music recording studios. Digital era of music recording can do so many implementations that even 15-20 years ago were impossible. So, it is about technical stuff of this music. These tracks have sustention music content – impressively strong rhythms and at the same time don’t lose their rich melodic warmth.

The advantage of this music for sport is that practically all tracks have a dramatic development of tempo, rhythm and orchestration. It’s very important for contemporary programs in figure skating and artistic swimming. It’s what the recently changed rules require. When the coaches, choreographers or athletes are selecting this kind of music they should have confidence that their performance would be the same enormity as this music.

Music Editing

Music has its own rules of musical form and developing. Adapting music to the sport program is not an easy task. All changes must be in connection to the accurate music form. Otherwise judges and audiences will not like it without even analyzing what was wrong. That’s why we do not recommend editing music if you do not have the highest level of music education. Our service Custom Music Editing can do it for you quickly and without musical and technical mistakes. Also, any tracks from this site will be free for you when you place your order in Custom Music Editing. If you need help with specific music search we can help at Personal Music Search.

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Album’s Info:
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2022
Copyright: © 2022 ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)

$9.98 for entire album in high quality mp3 format

$0.98 for a single track