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Concertos for piano and orchestra represent one of the most popular, if not the most popular types of works in the genre of symphonic music. They are used in single and pair disciplines of figure skating and in artistic swimming for solo, duets and groups.
Piano concertos normally have a long form with several parts and virtuoso pianist material. They create highly melodic and emotional themes and large, dynamic moods. That is why they offer an unparalleled field for creativity in music for sport.
In this album, we collected piano concertos written from the beginning of this genre through late XX century. You will usually find one and sometimes two parts of the piano concerto. And sometimes, only a fragment, but a very important one. Along with the world’s most famous concertos, we included some not so well-known, those that we identified as very interesting and useful for figure skating and artistic swimming. If you like this album, please also check our albums Waltz for Paul Mauriat and Tender and Romantic.

All Music Needs To Be Edited

Because the timing of all music in this album is much longer than would be needed for a sport/technical or free program, this music needs to be edited. And that is the most challenging task. Musical form of piano concertos is very complex and only professional musicians can edit it correctly to end up with a beautiful new form. We help you translate your idea into your competition music. Use Custom Music Editing service. The music program made by us will fit to your elements’ plan, will be made in compliance with the rules of your sport, and, of course, have a logical musical form. If you need some additional music to complete your program, we will be happy to help you find it. Use Personal Music Search service.

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Album’s Info:
Label: SportMusic.com
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2022
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$9.99 for entire album in high quality mp3 format.
$0.99 for a single track.