Waltz for Paul Mauriat is a tribute to the legendary conductor, arranger and composer Paul Mauriat. Publisher’s label: SportMusic.com. Album producers Alexander Goldstein and Boris Lontsikh created the concept, selected music and engaged Grand Orchestre de Jean-Jacques Justafré and world-renowned vocalist Victoria to record the album in Paris, France.
Jean-Jacques Justafré famously conducted Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat and is known for preserving that style. For Waltz for Paul Mauriat recording, the orchestra was expanded to develop a modern big orchestral sound.
Gilles Arcens’ magnificent arrangements inject contemporary fresh interpretation into popular, classical, rock and folk music tunes. The result was so intense that a separate symphonic version was added for five of the album’s tracks.
Producers recorded modern drums and percussions in New York, USA to drive in that cool 21st century groove.
Victoria’s appealing soprano colorfully enriches this unique orchestral sound and showcases her broad interpretive range of artistic versatility.
The album’s title track, Waltz for Paul Mauriat, composed by Alexander Goldstein, Creative Director of SportMusic.com. Under his leadership, music perfection is consistently delivered to music aficionados wherever Goldstein is known for his film and classical crossover music, and to elite athletes. His refined creations already helped place hundreds of champions and medalists on National, World and Olympic podiums.

Album’s Info:
Label: SportMusic.com
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2017
Copyright: © 2017 ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)

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