When The Felt Hit The String

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Piano sound is very popular in music programs and routines for figure skaters, ice dancers, gymnasts and artistic swimmers. In this album we selected some very interesting compositions by contemporary American and European composers. So, you will find piano solo works, leading piano with a combo ensemble, as well as solo piano with an accompaniment by the full orchestra.

Modern technique of piano recording delivers clear and powerful piano sound. Captured here are the best piano voices of Steinway, Yamaha, Fazioli, Bosendorfer and others.

Piano belongs to the group of percussion/string instruments. The sound is created when the hammer, which is always covered by felt, hits the string. Hence, this album title is When The Felt Hit The String.

Variety of music genres of the tracks selected for this album brings to you a wide field for imagination. You can easily decide which music will work best for your next creation.


Piano Music Is Perfect For Beginners and For Olympians

Piano music is quite universal. It can describe any mood, tell the story, and be playful and dramatic. It could be perfect for beginners and for Olympians, too. It’s a known fact that piano music always sounds very good in large arenas. That’s why gymnasts, figure skaters, ice dancers and artistic swimmers use piano music so often.

You can download any demo track in full length and try it at your practice place.

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Music Will Keep With Your Elements’ Plan

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Album’s Info:
Label: SportMusic.com
Publisher: ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)
Release Date: 2021
Copyright: © 2021 ABG World, LLC (ASCAP)

$9.99 for entire album in high quality mp3 format

$0.98 for a single track

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